Testimony from Jacqueline

I met Bernie through a former Therapist recommendation in January 2023. I was suffering mentally, physically & in a very hopeless & dark place in my life. I was at the end of my rope, full of fear, anxiety, sadness & felt a failure. I couldn’t understand why or what I did to deserve all the hardships in my relationships & other professional matters.
I was hesitant to contact Bernie due to other failed attempts at therapy. I was so frustrated, but I had nothing to lose by calling her from the recommendation. Bernie was very kind & compassionate: I booked a session with her immediately.
During my first session with Bernie, I can honestly say I felt a huge, heavy weight disappear. I had so much suppressed  & emotional stress that my stomach was always upset. Years of stomach issues. With just one session she was able to help me release them. 
I have discovered so much about myself with the help of Bernie, learning about why these negative things occurred in my life. To date I’m still working with Bernie & things are more clear, I’m more confident & I’m finally seeing positive results in my life thanks to Bernie’s coaching. One of the most impactful aspects of her coaching is that while she is helping me she’s giving me the tools to help myself.

Testimony from Josy

I have never met Bernie personally, but through the internet, I feel I know her well. I look forward to our sessions so much. Bernie is gently, loving, strong and direct when she knows I need it. She has taken me places in my mind, I would never have believed it was possible, except I have experienced it. For me, it was her ability to work with Karma, that was the most powerful healing. As a therapist myself, I learned so much from Bernie about the deeper reason why we face challenges in life and this has changed my view about life completely different. Bernie has given me a deeper understanding, and I can now face, handle and transform my personal challenges much more easily. And, the greatest gift I have received from her wise teaching is how to move beyond my fears. Thank you Bernie.

Testimony from IAN

It is with great joy that I write this. Bernie came into my life at a critical and pivotal time, as I have been searching for some things even though I was unaware of exactly what it was. I have searched through psychedelics with great success. However, the true understanding came when Bernie came into my life through my wife Jacqueline. Through Bernie’s guidance, the ability to connect to the source is quite remarkable. Following her teachings and reading her book was critical to my breakthrough in dealing with my emotional void. It has given me the life-altering skills to move forward in a positive way. I know that through Bernie’s guidance, awareness, compassion, and the love that she has for helping humanity, I have progressed to this point of understanding and awareness. I look forward to our sessions and learning more from her. Luv You, Bernie. Thank you for everything.

Testimony from Beatrice

If you are reading this, remember that we attract each other by vibration. If you are thinking of working with Bernie Doran, I feel really happy for you. Bernie has a pleasant way of working deep. There is no small talk with Bernie since she is able to feel the energy, and if you are willing to connect, she can help you heal one step at a time. At the moment, I am healing with Bernie through the internet. There is no distance for energy work so feel confident that the work will be done even when you engage during an online session. In so many ways, I feel very grateful to be working with Bernie.

Testimony from JOHANNA

Working with Bernie has been one of my valuable journeys towards my own healing enlightenment!! She works with you with a very caring and compassionate heart, in a way that allows you to see within yourself, your own strength and power to enhance whatever needs to be embraced, in order to heal. Her loving energy allows one to feel safe, to fully trust in the process therefore allowing you to see your blockages without defense. With her guidance you observe the blockages and work through them to become fully aware and take full responsibility, heal and let them go in order to live your life to its fullest. She has so many times shown me the road to living full consciousness, clarity and light through sharing her own life experiences, through sharing her special techniques and tools for healing and achieving higher consciousness and through sharing her loving heart. It is more than clear to me that working with Bernie is taking a very awakening healing journey, a journey of a combination of body, mind and spiritual healing, and that Bernie’s mission here in this life is to help others on this same path to reach their full potential.

Testimony from George

Bernie was recommended to me through a friend. When my friend described her work, I must admit I was skeptical, but what convinced me to go see Bernie, was the changes I saw in my friend. Our first meeting was amazing. I went into her office with a throbbing headache and a backache, and I left smiling with no pain in my body. I continued working with Bernie, regularly for over 2 years. She told me I am a therapist that will teach you how to look after yourself well. She combines physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and guidance. My favorite time with Bernie is when she does the deep spiritual healings. Every time after these deep spiritual healings, I feel so light and happy. Bernie was also excellent in helping me with some important business decisions, and she guided me very well. If you feel stuck in your life, or feel something bigger and deeper is missing in your life I recommend Bernie. For sure, she will help you find what you are looking for.

Testimony from Sheila

Bernie has taken the road less traveled to get her to where she is now, a road full of personal challenges, into the darkest places of her being, tears, self doubt, self appreciation, self forgiveness. It has not been easy and was many times a lonely place. But, it has made her the healing facilitator she is now. She will take no one anywhere she has not been herself. She helped me to take responsibility for who I am, helped me realize, I am where I am now because of who I am and who I have been. We are our own creator. It isn’t easy but so liberating. She makes us aware quite early that we are our own healers, we just need to let go and take responsibility. I am so much happier now, and laugh regularly at myself and my distorted perceptions. I have learned to listen to myself, to correct myself, sometimes to admonish myself and laugh at myself. There is no such invention as perfection, it is the striving that makes us as perfect as we can be. So, we do not judge our lack of achievement as anything other than a distorted idea of some distorted teaching. Taking a course or personal healing with Bernie, is definitely challenging , but the freedom achieved is worth all the pain.

Testimony from Pili

Bernie Doran is an amazing healer. Working with her is like having a shaman, a professional, a mother, a friend, a teacher, and a healer, all in one. She has such an ability to find out the karmas so easily. With her you can easily transform the things you need to heal, quickly and in a very smooth, gentle way. I completely recommend her.

Testimony from Sandy

I met and had my first in-person session with Bernie February 2023. I was visiting a friend who lives in Puerto Vallarta and she raved about Bernie’s ability to connect to people’s energy fields and offer guidance based on that. Several months before my trip to Mexico I experienced a medical emergency which brought me near death. I recovered well and was at a crossroad, having no idea what direction to go in. All I knew was that I could not continue living and working the way I had been for many years. After hearing about Bernie from my friend I scheduled an appointment with her. When she sat down across from me the first thing she said was that I was having health issues with the exact area that I had been. That was impressive. As we continued to talk she described a vision of me. The description resonated with me deeply. I returned home to Colorado the next day and scheduled a Zoom appointment with her for the following week. During that week I often thought of the vision of me she described. It empowered me and gave me the courage to take a big leap having to do with my work and finances. I also felt empowered to assert myself when it comes to my own boundaries. After the Zoom session I practiced the blue light imagery that she asked me to do. I can’t explain it but within two weeks my work hours reduced with no reduction in income and I decided to sell my house and to move 90 miles from where I’ve been living for 25 years. On the 12th day that my house was listed for sale I received an offer that gave me enough profit to pay in full for a brand new house to be built in the town I wanted to move to. Every little detail fell into place. Soon my new house will be finished and I will be starting my “new life.” In the future I will be consulting with Bernie when I have big decisions to make and when I feel “stuck.” She is a lovely person and a pleasure to work with.

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